Clash of Clans: Serious Clans

We war hard and play hard! Want to take your game to the next level? Head to our Discord server to talk to clan Recruiters and get a join password.

🍡 Brits On Tour: Adults 18+, TH12+

We’re very competitive and are working on progressing to Champs 1 in SCCWL!

🍍 Kent Greenhouse: Adults 18+, TH7-TH11

KGH is a teaching clan for adults who want to learn war strategies.

🚜 KFarmhouse: Adults 21+, TH10+

We’re friendly, war-focused adults who like to plow down our opponents’ bases.

πŸ† KGH Academy: Adults 18+, TH10+

KGHA is a competitive league clan whose core goal is to develop members from good attackers to eSports-ready players.​

🏰 London: Adults 18+, TH12+

We take SCCWL very seriously but take a more laid-back approach to random spins.

πŸ›‘οΈ Noble Hero: Adults 21+, TH12+

We are a fun adults who are passionate about war and believe heroes play for the good of the clan.

πŸ₯€ RedThorn: Adults 18+, TH12+

We offer a social environment. You’ll often find us in voice chat shooting the breeze while listening to tunes.

πŸ€„ Sadudulur: Adults 18+, TH9-11

We want out members to take part in as many war spins as possible. Most members are in GMT & BST Timezones.