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Clash Podcasts

We cover wars, pushing, farming, leagues, clan management & more.

Scrims & Events

We always have an event running because gaming is more fun with friends!

10+ Clans

Our Clash & Royale clans are full of players who are mature, active, & fun.

Clan War League

We have multiple event clans so all townhalls can do SCCWL.

Gameplay Development

We teach war skills like base building, base identification, scouting, & more.

Discord Community

We have been a Discord-Partnered community since January 2016!

We enjoy Clash games so much that we’ve produced multiple podcasts about them!

Our two most recent shows, Pineapples & Thorns and Married 2 Clash, are the spiritual successors of our three previous podcasts: The Clash Files, Kent Greenhouse, and Married with Clash.

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We offer 10+ clans in Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, & more.

And ALL of them are full of players who are mature, active, & fun.

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We constantly host fun events and participate in multiple leagues

We always have something going on because gaming is more fun with friends!

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In The Clash Files Family you’ll love the game AND love the players

We’ve been a relaxed, clashy, pizza-loving clan family for over six years.

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Clash Community

Ready to play in a fun & drama-free way?

Join our Discord-Partnered Clash of Clans & Clash Royale Community and experience the way Clash is supposed to be!