Clash of Clans: Laid-Back Clans

We have fun while warring to win! See a clan you like? Head to our Discord server to get its join password from Recruiters.

💀 Dark Sector: Adults 18+, TH11+

At Dark Sector we are chill, fun, and friendly! We offer casual, YOLO wars.

🌱 DarkThorn: Adults 18+, TH11 & BELOW

At DarkThorn we are chill and social with YOLO wars.

🍀 Dublin: Adults 18+, All Town Halls

We take a YOLO approach to war while aiming to keep our good war log. GMT and BST Timezones.

🌑 Phantom Zone: Adults 21+, TH11+

We take pride in having fun wars in a mature adult environment.

🪐 Phantom Zone 2: Adults 21+, TH10+

We are super laid back, mature adults.